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Se siete Tumblr addicted e soprattutto amanti del genere, allora questo non può mancare nella vostra collezione. Buona visione!

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Hoaa!Okay! Returning quickly with another commission! This one goes for the Silvard.Horizontal version here: http://gninsdimension.net/commission-kakashi-x-sasuke/I’ll be right back with another post <3  XOXO Gnin
Yo!Always wanted to paint Kid Buu in this pose! Happened! Wahoo! So yeah, here’s a little quickie for you guys.Cya soon!XOXO Gnin
( Full post : http://gninsdimension.net/commission-flexing-goku/ )Heyyy! I’m back with another commission post, this time it’s sexy Goku from DBZ![[MORE]] This was my FIRST time drawing any DBZ stuff, which is kinda crazy if you ask me, I’ve been only drawing an eternity by now, haha! This commission was really enjoyable and thanks for that goes to my lovely client, Android21! After some persuading, he decided to let me share his both pics, which was very nice of him. Thank you for commissioning, Android21! Next I’ll be able to return to the Bruises & Tears image series! More commissions coming up also! Be sure to follow my Twitter for future updates! https://twitter.com/MaxGnin Post your artwork at:  https://www.allgayart.com/ Join the Allgayart @ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/allgayart/ Follow me on TUMBLR: http://gninsdimension.tumblr.com/ See you in a bit ;) XOXO Gnin
Whazzaaa!I got a PM from an ultra polite fan named “Fresh” @ Facebook while ago and he hired me to draw some Naruto bukkake / gangbang action! He was gonna keep his commish private first but later on gave me a permission to share this with you. Thank you Fresh![[MORE]] The commission was a nice challenge and I absolutely loved working on it. Fresh gave me a lot of artistic freedom but was very specific about the coloring, sketchy lines and pose. He was very happy about the final piece and I hope you dig it as well! Who ya think Naruto is sucking off? =D Oh and hey! Keep a close eye on  my Facebook since I’m posting censored teasers of the Naruto Nude Models there (along with other cool updates every now and then). Shikamaru and Kiba nude models are ALMOST ready! Yes, that’s right! Shikamaru and Kiba are ON their way! If you’re on my friends list, you’ve probably seen Shikamaru’s teaser, if not, see you on Facebook! Kiba’s coming next! Gotta keep this short, I can almost hear bed calling my name haha! Big hugs! I love you guys! XOXOGnin 3>
Nude Jin Kazama For Gmod [TEKKEN Tag Tournament 2] Coming up sometime in near future ;)
valnoressa:  kp0988: [[MORE]]  Nude Tidus for Source Filmmaker. Download him here. <—- My port of a nude Tidus from Final Fantasy 10. Some notes about him: He has a bit of a seam around his neck from the headhack. I tried to clean it up the best I could, but it’s still noticalbe from some angles. His textures are a bit low resolution. I’m not that great at textures, so if someone wants the source files, I would be happy to pass them along. He has adjuster bones in his upper-arms, so that can make posing with the rig a bit awkward for some people. Credits to xo-bahamut-ox for the XPS meshmod. (http://xo-bahamut-ox.deviantart.com/art/TIDUS-NAKED-302396948) Credits to Valnoressa for the great poster of him. (http://valnoressa.tumblr.com/) Credits to Square-Enix for Final Fantasy on the whole.  Nice work with this :3 Looking forward to using him in the future!  Featured! Go get him!