Boy For Sale – The Boy Logan – Chapter 1 – The Merchandise

Boy For Sale – Chapter 1: Logan trembled as I led him into the preparatory room. My hand pressed softly against his back, guiding him forward, keenly able to sense his shaking body and quick beating heart.

His eyes were wide, looking for a sign of what was to come as we moved through the dark. I kept my face expressionless, wanting to see what he would do and how he’d react without prompting. But deep down, my own heart was racing, excited by the idea of getting him ready for his new destiny. Once we were inside, I ran my hands under his clothes, feeling his firm chest and flat stomach.

As my fingers ran over his sternum, his heart pounded like a drum, hard and fast. He was nervous. Very nervous. Even scared. But his wide eyes stayed forward and his body remained still. This was essential for a proper submissive.

This week on Boy for Sale, new slave Logan is brought into the underworld of his new dominant owners as Master Legrand preps him for auction. Stripped of his former life and toyed with inside and out, Logan must endure the tests of his groomer and make his transition into the life of an owned boy. Featuring: Legrand Wolf & Logan Cross.

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